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Simple IP/IP Range Ping

© 2012 Przemyslaw M. Wiejak

01/27/2012 v1.2
- Added changeable timeout.
- Added DNS to IP and IP to DNS converter.
- Added help window.
- Added date and time to ping results.
- Added progress bar.
- Minor GUI change.

01/22/2012 v1.1
- Added ping respond time in milliseconds.
- User may now view open and closed hosts separately.
- User may now save entire log, open hosts, or closed hosts to text file.
- Fixed black display text box bug. Occur in older .Net frameworks.
- Added some GUI elements.

01/20/2012 v1.0
- Pinging single IP or IP range function.
- Change Time To Live, Data in bytes, Don't Fragment.

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